You could say I've always been up for a challenge. After getting my undergraduate degree in Chemistry from St. John’s University, I continued my education at the University of Minnesota where I received a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. I then joined the ranks at the U of M as an assistant professor, challenging the minds of over 1,500 undergraduate students in chemistry and chemical engineering.


When my wife, Emily, and I purchased our first home in 2013, I took on a new challenge — building custom cabinetry and furniture. Our house needed some renovations and we needed furniture! I decided to buy a table saw and tackle it myself.


After converting a closet into a floor-to-ceiling custom built-in to help maximize storage in our future nursery, my work began catching the attention of family and friends. It grew completely out of word of mouth. People would see the work that I had done and inquire about doing something in their own homes.  It wasn’t long before I was working with local architecture firms building out high-end cabinetry for entire homes....from my garage!


That was the turning point. I realized that my self-taught woodworking skills were more than just a hobby. I knew it was time to take the leap. In 2016, I left the University of Minnesota and founded Nic Frost Cabinetry.


I primarily focus on high-detail work, specializing in inset cabinetry and modern frameless cabinetry with continuous grain veneers. I use only the highest quality materials to produce a product that stands the test of time. If it makes another shop hesitate, those are the jobs that I want. My commitment to quality is unmatched. That commitment is what set me apart in a recent competition against more than 60 national cabinet shops, where I earned first place and the award, “Best in Modern Cabinetry, 2017”.  Wow!


I’ve been fortunate to be a part of some amazing projects so far, and it just keeps getting better!



Nic Frost Cabinetry is a full-service design and build cabinet shop located in Saint Louis Park.  Nic and his wife, Emily, live in Shoreview with their two daughters, Amelia, 3, and Sadie, 8 months.

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